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英文导游欢迎词 篇一

dear friends:

good morning, everyone!

i am very glad to see you in this beautiful morning. at the same time, i am honored to be able to walk with you today. first of all, i would like to thank all of you here for participating in this "sea world" day tour organized by our * * * travel agency. as soon as i got on the car, i felt the warm eyes of everyone, and i scans up and down on my body, "brush and brush". may the friends in front see it clearly, do the friends in the back see clearly? whether it is clear or not, i can hear clearly. ha, can the girl in the back hear me?

(first, i'll introduce myself. my name is wang. i was born in 84. my height is 172 centimeters. i am unmarried! you can call me xiao wang. don't call me wang dao. in today's journey, i served as a whole tour guide, simply saying that the whole company was accompanied, with all the accompanying. of course, it is also very happy to serve xiao wang for everyone.

there is also the master driving for our trip. my right hand is benha. the pig master pig master is a very good driver for our tour bus. don't look at him, he's a young man. we used the steering wheel, foot, and the brake board to safely exercise millions of kilometers on the chinese mainland. we can say that the pig master is the hardest person on our way. here we thank you for the hard work of the pig master with a warm applause! thank you. thank you. everyone's applause is our encouragement. with everyone's encouragement, we will work harder.

on behalf of our travel agency, i would like to thank all of you here for joining us. as the saying goes: hold my hand and let you go all over the world. today i will go to guilin for a walk. at the same time, on behalf of our company, i wish you all a pleasant journey, having a good time, having a good rest and having peace of mind. xiao wang will also sincerely, sincerely, enthusiastically, patiently and carefully serve everyone. at the same time, i hope my tour guide can accompany you all through this happy journey today. i'd like to send you four words.

first of all, the first word is the edge, the fate of the edge, the saying, "a hundred years of the same ship degree, thousands of years of sleep on the pillow sleep" and everyone today's coexistence, calculation is also a hundred years of fate! the next word is the original of forgiveness. in this tour today, xiao wang has a bad place to do. i hope that many of you are sorry. one more word is the perfect circle, i hope this trip is complete. it is inseparable from the support and cooperation of everyone to my work. the last word is the source of the source, the source of financial resources, i wish you all the financial resources like a torrential river, also wish everyone good work, good health, good today, good tomorrow, now good, good, not good, good, good applause, good, again travel to find me good!








英文导游词欢迎词 篇二

good morning/afternoon/evening, ladies and gentlemen.

it’s my pleasure to have friends from afar. welcome to confucius hometown—shandong province. please sit back and relax. your luggage will be sent to the hotel by another bus, so you don’t have to worry about it.

let me introduce my team first. mr. wang is our driver. he has 20 years of driving under his belt, so you’re in very safe hands. miss. li, a recent college graduate, is a trainee tour guide. my name is zeng zhaoxi, but you may just call me zeng, which is my surname. the surname is the same as zencius, one of confucius famous disciples. we’re from shandong china youth travel service (cyts)。 on behalf of cyts shandong and our colleagues, i’d like to extend a warm welcome to you.

during your stay in our province, miss. li and i will be your local guides. we’ll do everything possible to make your visit a pleasant experience. if you have any problems or requests, please don’t hesitate to let us know. we will do everything in our power to smooth them away.

as you will be staying in our province for eight days, you’d better remember the number of our bus. the number is 20206. let’s repeat it together: 20206. and besides that, your cooperation will be highly appreciated. thank you.

now we are √壶知道★www.huzhidao.com√traveling in jinan downtown area. we will reach the hotel soon. after you get off the bus, you’ll be warmly welcomed by the hotel’s attendants and enjoy very convenient services. you know shandong people have the tradition of hospitality. i hope you will enjoy your stay in the hotel. thank you for your attention. now please take the valuables with you and get off the bus one by one.

关于英语导游词欢迎词 篇三

good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. 【称呼语】

welcome to panyu.【表示欢迎】

please sit down and relax. your luggage will be sent to the hotel by another bus, so you don't haveto worry about it.【稳定游客情绪】

let me introduce my team first. mr. zhang is our driver. he has 25 years of driving. my name is gao xiaoming, your tour guide, you may just call me miss gao, which is my surname. we're from the china international travel service(cits), panyu branch. on behalf of cits panyu and my colleagues, i'd like to welcome to you all.【略作介绍,再表欢迎】

during your stay in our city, we'll do everything possible to make your visit a happy experience. if you have any problems or requests, please don't hesitate to let me know. 【提出建议】

you're going to stay at panyu hotel, a luxurious, five-star hotel. the hotel is in downtown, it is easy access to many places of interests in panyu. and you'll be staying our city for two and a half days. 【提醒入住地点和时间】

there is one thing i must warn you against. you must remember the number of our bus. the number is 84645555. let me repeat: 84645555. 【提醒游巴电话】

i hope you'll enjoy your stay in our city!

英语导游欢迎词 篇四

good afternoon,everyone,welcome to nanjing on behalf of our company,i am your local guide ,this is the driver mr.wang. it’s my honor to be here to provide service to you. whenever you need my help just tell me please,i’m always ready for it and hope you have a pleasant trip with me.thank you!nanjing is the provincial capital and the political,economic and cultural center of jiangsu province.it’s located in the lower reaches of the yangtze river.it covers an area of over 6500 square kilometers,with a population of about 6.4 millions,about half of them in the urban area and the other half in the suburban area.nanjing is one of the 4 ancient capitals in china.the city of nanjing has a history of over 2400 years,it was first built as a city in 472 bc.its name was yuecheng.nanjing bears the reputation of the capital of ten dynasties,being since the year 229 ad the capital of wu,easten jin,song,qi,liang,chen,southern tang,early ming dynasties,taiping kingdom and republic of china subsequently.nanjing is not only the cultural center of this province,it’s also one of the 4 cultural center of the whole country.i should say that nanjing is a place of celebrities and humanities with splendid cultural heritage.it produced many scientists,litterators and artists in the history,and now there are 48 universities and institutes for higher learning and 523 scientific research institutes with 350,000 scientific and technological personnel in nanjing,some of them are quite well-known in the country.it has 4 clear seasons with average temperature of 15 degrees centigrade.we have plenty of water here.we have about 40 inches of rainfall annually.this area is called the land of fish and rice.nanjing is quite famous for it’s beautiful trees.we’ve planted more than 30 million trees along the main streets,averagely 10 trees per person.。and we’ll try to build the whole city as a garden city.i wish you’ll enjoy your stay in nanjing,thank you!

nanjing is an ancient capital of six dynasties with a history of more than 2500 years,and also called the metropolitan of ten empires.they are the easten wu, easten jin, song, qi, liang, chen,southern tang, early ming, taiping heaveanly kingdom and the republic of china.

nanjing is now the provincial capital of jiangsu,hence the political economic and cultural center of the province.since the founding of the people’s republic of china,nanjing has become a productive city.especially from 1978 when china started practice of open policy,fast progress has likewise been made in the fields of industry, agriculture,education, science & technology, culture and tourism as well.its gdp has reached to over 150 billion rmb a couple of years ago.

nanjing is located on the lower reaches of the yangtze river.it covers an area of 6515 square kilometers with a population of more than 7 million.as in the subtropical zone,its climate is mild,having the four seasons clear cut.it used to be one of the three furnace cities along the yangtze river.but thanks to the efforts made in forestation,it is no longer a furnace any more.

as a city with an ancient cultural background,there are many places of historic to visit.according to the itinerary made for the group,i’ll take you to vist dr. sun yatsen’s mausoleum this morning.

nanjing, the capital city of jiangsu province and the provincial political,

economic and cultural center, is located in the lower reaches of yangtze river, southwest of the province. the population of its urban area is about 2.7 million.

nanjing is one of the historical and cultural cities rectified by the state. the discovery of the nanjing ape revealed the trace of human influence some 350,000 years ago. the area war inhabited and cultivated about 6000 years ago. nanjing bears the reputation of the capital of ten dynasties, being since the year 229 ad the capital of wu, eastern jin, song, qi, liang, chen,

southern tang, ming, taiping kingdom, and republic of china subsequently.

nanjing is a place of celebrities and humanities, with a splendid cultural heritage. it produced scientists, literators, and artists. the great scientist zu chongzhi computed the ludolphian number with the accuracy to the 7th place of decimals, 1000 years ahead of the rest of the world. the imperial academy of ming dynasty in nanjing, which received some 9000 students, was the largest higher education institution in china at the time. many celebrities were buried in nanjing after their death.

the attraction of nanjing consists in the combination of rich natural and cultural heritages. it is a famous scenic tourist city, which is an integration of mountains, waters, forest, as well as monuments and historical relics. with many a relics of the republic of china era in particular, nanjing is recognized as the museum of modern chinese history

sun yat-sen mausoleum

the mausoleum of dr. sun yat-sen(中山陵)is situated at the foot of the second peak of mount zijin (purple mountain) in nanjing, china. construction of the tomb started in january of 1926 and was finished in spring of 1929. the architect was lu yanzhi, who died shortly after it was finished.guangdong province of china on november 12th, 1866, and died in 1925 inbeijing, china. on april 23rd, 1929,the chinese government appointed he yingqin to be in charge of laying dr. sun to rest. on may 26th, the coffin departed from beijing, and on may 28th, it arrived in nanjing. on june 1st, 1929, dr. sun was buried there. sun, considered to be the modern chinaimperial qing government and after the1911 revolution ended the monarch reign system and founded the republic of slope, the majestic

mausoleum blends the styles of traditional imperial tombs and modern architecture. lying at the mountainside, the vault is more than 700 hundred meters away from the paifang on the square below, which is the entrance of the mausoleum. there is

a three-tier stone stand on which a huge bronze ding, an ancient chinese vessel symbolizing power, perches. to the north of the square, the paifang towers high. beyond is the 480-meter-long and 50-meter-wide stairway which has 392 stairs, leading to the vault. on both sides, pine, cypress, and gingko trees guard the way. at the end of the stairway is a gate which is 16 meters high and 27 meters wide. the tri-arched marble gate is inscribed with four chinese characters written by dr. sun, gate, there is a pavilion in which a 9-meter-high stele is set, which is a memorial monument set by the kuomintang (kmt)。 a few stairs up is the sacrificial hall and the vault.in front of the sacrificial hall there stands a pair of huabiao, ancient chinese ornamental columns, which are 12.6 meters high. the sacrificial hall is actually a palace of 30 meters in length, 25 meters in width and 29 meters in height. in the center of the hall a 4.6-meter-high statue of dr. sun sits. the statue was sculptured out of italian white marble. the ceiling of the hall features the flag of thekuomintang. biographical information on dr. sun is available to visitors in the hall. north of the hall lies the bell-shaped vault, wherein lies the sarcophagus of dr. sun.architectural influence of the mausoleum's design is evident in chinese taiwan'schiang kai-shek memorial hall.

英语导游欢迎词 篇五

good morning, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to china! welcome to x! with such great joy, on behalf of cits, i’d like to extend our warm welcome to all of you. at first please allow me to say a few words about myself, my name is wanli, you can simply call me xiao wan. and this is our driver, mr. liu, who has been driving for more than twenty years, so don’t worry about your journey when you are using this tour bus. if you have some questions, please ask me, i’ll do all my best to answer it. at last, i also hope that during your short stay in wuhan, you can not only satisfy your eyes and stomach, but also experience the real chinese culture and have a better understanding of the chinese people and its on-going reform, which shaped the greatness of china.

ladies and gentlemen: the time has gone by quickly and your trip to x is drawing to a close. it’s a pity that you can’t stay in our country any longer. allow me , then, to take this opportunity to say something by way of a farewell.

i would like to tell you that it had been a great pleasure for me to spend the last few days as your guide. i have had the opportunity to meet and get to know you, and we have spend much time together. i hope you have enjoyed these last few days as much as i have. i wish to thank you all for the cooperation and support you have given me in the past several days. i’d like to add that you are the best group we’ve ever been with.

as you have probably observed, xx is developing very quickly. i sincerely hope that you can come back in the future and to be you guide.

once again, i wish everybody have a pleasant journey in xx!

关于英语导游词欢迎词 篇六

good xx, ladies and gentlemen.

welcome to china, welcome to shenzhen。

please sit back and relaxx, your luggage will be sent to the hotel by another bus,so you do not have to worry about it.

let me introduce my team first. mr xx is our driver,he has 20years of driving underhis belt, so we are in very safe hands. i always call my english name is xx,my chinese name is xxx,you may call me xxx or mrxx, which is my family name. we are from shenzhen overseas international trave service,on behalf of xxand my colleagues, i ’d like to exxtend a warm welcome to you all.

during your stay in our city, i will be you local guide, i will do everything possible to make your visit a pleasant exxperience.if you have any problems or requests,pls do not hesitate to let me know.

you are going to stay at the crown plaza hotel, a luxxurious ,five star hotel, althouth the hotel is not exxactly in downtown shenzhen, it is strategically located with easy access to many tourist attractions. as you will be staying in our city for two days, you will do well to remember the number of our bus and my phone no., the bus no. is xx ,my phone no.isxxxx. let me repeat.。.。

there is one thing i must warn you against, you must not drink an tap water in the hotel, because un boiled water might make you ill.

i do hope you will enjoy your time in our city.

英语导游欢迎词 篇七

fris: good morning, everybody!

i am very glad to join you in the spring outing organized by the shenzhou travel agency.

first of all, let me introduce myself: my name is wang feng. i am a full-time tour guide shenzhou travel agency. you can call me wang dao or xiao wang. on behalf of the company and myself, i would like to ext my warmest welcome to all of you. (male guide, female bow)

this is our driver, master wang. master wang has many years of driving experience, skilled and safe driving. we ride his car safely and comfortably.

in the next few days, xiao wang will eat and live with you. if you have any opinions and requests on the journey, let me say to me, in the range of xiao wang li, in a reasonable and possible case, we will try to meet the demands of everyone. there is an old saying in china: "there are thousands of miles to meet each other." today, we go different places to the same destination and ride in the same car. we don't know each other to meet and know. it's the old saying. this is really a wonderful and beautiful fate. let's take this happy fate to the and let us feel happy and satisfied.

the bright morning sun is bathed in the refreshing morning breeze. our journey has begun. every fri must work very hard at ordinary times and seldom have the chance to walk out. work is important, but proper relaxation is essential. haha, work is to make money, and to earn money is to pursue a higher quality life.

introduce the journey of the tour.

introduce the notices of tourism.

it's not a good habit to see some fris dozing off. well, xiao wang is no longer bothersome. let's take a break, or eat something, or close your eyes. after a while, xiao wang will provide you with a tour service.

英语导游欢迎词 篇八


welcome to zhangjiakou.my name is liujingzhen,a tour guide of happy jurney agency.our driver is mr li,and the car we take is a east branded,white coloured,with the number 666888.please pay your good attention to it.i’m glad to serve as your guide today.here,please allow me to express our hornest greetings to all of you on behalf of our ,please keep your body-baggage in good care and be ready for getting on.(in the car),now it’s 8:00 sharp,january 7th,2005.with the new year’s happy atmosphere,i hope we can have a enjoyable holiday together.i have to remind you that the weather in the north is very cold ,so please keep yourselves warm enough.

let me say something about our trip. hebei is situated at the north of the lower reaches of huanghe river (yellow river)。 its capital is shijiazhuang.at the spring and autumn period, because the kingdom of yan dominated its northern area, while the kingdom of zhao occupied its southern area, hebei was called the land of yan and zhao.

now we are going to zhangjiakou,it located in the northwest of hebei, 1990 kilometers away from beijing, is the border area of beijing.there are 4 districts and 13 counties under the administration of the government,zhangjiakou has a long history and there are many cultural relics and places of historic interests,which are kept as witness of history,telling us stories that once happened in this old land.(get off) ok,we arrive at our destination now.please take all your baggages,we are going to get off.take is easy,we have enough time.would you please give a second look to the car we take :east branded,white coloured.

now this is dajingmen gate,it locates in the nouthern part of zhangjiakou.two mountains named eastern and western peace stand facing each other.。in 1927,when general gao weiyue,the superior of chahaer mounted it ,impressed by the plains and mountains,he wrote down such words:大好河山。these four words is of great strength,in compliance with dajingmen.

dajingmen gate witnessed the prosperity and downfall of the frontier tea-horse trade in the ming dynasty. it also made merchants both home and abroad gather in the leather metropolis, i.e. it became an important commercial pass because of the well-known leather, lamb and dried mushroom.。 in 1673,the twelfth year of kangxi,emperor of the qing,wu sangui rebelled.under the leading of the emperor kangxi,thousands of brave qing soldiers outside the great wall crossed dajingmen gate in force and marched southward,making a foundamental contribution to the repression of the “three region rebellion”。shortly after that,ge erdan,chief of a northern tribe,led his army to invade and disturb southward for several times,making a substantial loss to the business between zhangjiakou and kulun,which is wulanbatuo nowadays.so the eight business men who had provided the qing with consistant arms and surplies before and after qing’s crossing of the great wall,and therefore were granted great honor,wrote to emperor kangxi,asking for a suppression.

the emperor had the idea to suppress them long before,so in the year1697,he led punitive expedition against ge erdan in person for the third time.the main troop acrossed the very place: dajingmen gate,and marched northword.the local people gave a warm farewell to the army and served a good refreshment.finally this war ended with the chief’s suiside.under the suggestion of the local people when heard the happy news,a literator called zhang zicheng wrote down some words:内外一统,which means all around china unified.then they carved it on a piece of flat cliff.and now,although 300 yesrs has gone,it remains legible and in a good condition after so many years of corrosion of wind and rain.it embodies chinese people’s desire for unity of country and peace of living.

till now,our visit of dajingmen gate is going to be over.wish today’s visit bring you satisfaction and enjoyment.

ladies and gentlemen:now we are on the way to the airport.in this departure time,i appreciate deeply our friendship.although we only have spent less than five days together,we have visited chengde summer resort and east mausoleum of qing,appreciated the beautiful sight of baishang grassland,watched the excellent performance and tasted the local flavour.

we can say that,this is a successful and enjoyable experience,also the fruit of our efforts and cooperation.fortunately,mr li and i had the chance of taking part in this meaningful and memmerable activity.thanks sincerely for your help during our tour and wish you all happiness in the travel of life.












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