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英语申请信 篇一

dear he jian,

my name is wang jiajia. i study in xinqi ’m twelve years old. i like english very much,because my english teacher is very kind. my favouritefruit is apple, because it’s sweet and healthy. myfavourite day is tuesday, we have computer, . and english. it’s a great day. tall me aboutyour school, please.

英语申请信范文字 篇二

hello from

i completely understand your concern in this accept our sincere apologies for this listing on our website.

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in addition to a wide selection of items, one of our aims at is to provide a convenient and efficient service; in this case, we have not met that standard, please accept my sincere apologies.

im very sorry about all of this. i hope youll consider this an isolated incident and give us another chance in the future. thanks for your patience and understanding. thanks for giving us time to find the best solution.

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best regards,

申请信英语范文八十词 篇三

mr. adebedear, i will graduate from the computer department of north china university in june next year. i would like to enter your graduate school next autumn to study for a doctorate in applied computer.

i would be very grateful if you could send me the catalogue of graduate students and other necessary information of your university. in addition, there is also a set of application forms. thank you for your help.

dear mr. wang, i am writing to hope to have the opportunity to study for a 's degree in applied physics in your university. my name is li jin.

i am an undergraduate in applied physics. in the summer of the second year, i will graduate from north china university. i have a plan to continue my study and research in this field.

i chose boston university because there is a research team with the same aspiration and a series of databases and research projects in the physics department of your university. i believe that my interests are very consistent with the advantages of the university. my solid academic background will meet your general requirements for graduate enrollment.

i would appreciate it if you could send me the application form for graduate student / teaching assistant scholarship and other related information. my mailing address is shown at the top of this letter. i am looking forward to hearing from you,.




申请信2300字英文 篇四

dear miss zhu,


how time flies! it has been a few years since i left high school, but i still remember you in my heart, because you’re the best teacher in my mind. it’s not only because you taught me knowledge, but also you taught me how to study. i have really benefitted a lot from you. so i would like to express my great thanks to you, and share my life in college with you.


now i’m studying in hunan first normal college, which is chairman mao’s former school. i major in english, because i find it so fun and interesting. as far as i’m concerned, our english department is the best department in our college. the teachers in our department are knowledgeable, experienced, and warm-hearted. and my classmates are nice, friendly and helpful. thus, i have a good atmosphere to study. when i have difficulties in study, i always ask my teachers for help or discuss with my classmates. through their help, i have made great progress in my english study.


college life is much different from high school life. in college, we should acquire knowledge as well as improve our integrated abilities. there are a lot of english classes for us to learn, such as basic english, oral english, listening, reading, writing, translation, grammar, english literature, and so on. i enjoy these classes very much. except english, we have many other subjects to learn. life seems so busy here but it’s so fruitful for me.


after class, i usually go to the english corner. there i can practice my oral english by talking with foreigners or chatting with my schoolmates. now, i’m able to communicate with foreigners well. sometimes i also take part in some social activities. for instance, last weekend i attended an interesting play. as it was my first performance, i felt a little nervous at the beginning. but when i appeared on the stage, i made every audience laugh happily. i was so proud of myself at that moment, because this was my first achievement.


what about your present life? i hope to hear from you soon.


at last, i hope everything goes well with you. please give my best regards to your family.


sincerely yours,


申请信200字英文 篇五







申请信英语 篇六

1. 好词集锦: considerable,confident,suitable,extremely,pleased,grateful,especialy,。 . work hard and ican get along /on well with am good at english and 。

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我想要知道美国高校的入学申请书格式 全美应该都一样的 我想要进的是。

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我想要知道美国高校的入学申请书格式 全美应该都一样的 我想要进的是。

如何写入学生会申请书,学习部。 帮帮忙``我很急 回答的好加分

申请信 类型很多包括求职信,报考申请信,留学申请信等;写申请信应注意语言言简意赅,语气诚恳礼貌,避免夸张。申请信一般包括:申请原因、具备条件、恳请申请单。

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