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申请信英语范文八十词 篇一

dear mr. wrighti learned from your advertisement on the internet that your company provides digital projector to facilitate our sales team to provide presentations to existing and potential customers. i would like to purchase a digital projector from your company.

the attached application details the intended use of the projector and lists the product information, including model, price and technical specifications 。 can you deliver what i want to my company by february? thank you for your consideration, your sincerity, donald perry.


申请信范文英语100多字 篇二

dear sir or madam,

i am head of a household electric appliance plant, which is a major manufacturer of high-quality recorders. im writing the letter for the purpose of inviting you to the exclusive presentation of our new models and a reception.

the presentation is scheduled to take place at noble hotel on the third of january. ill fell it an honor if you could come. there will also be a reception at the tow . i hope you will attend too.

since your presence is of vital importance to this occasion, i do hope you can make it. just call our office at , and we will glad to reserve a place for you. im looking forward to seeing you at that day.

yours truly,

li ming

英语申请信范文加翻译 篇三

dear editor, i am wting this letter to apply for the dissemination and translation of the articles in saines' book. as a loyal fan of the works of zhongtu and jrr torkins fm china, i am eager to learn about china and contbute to the long-term communication. i have always appreciated the enthusia and pfessionali of yo website.

yo wonderful works have greatly inspired me, so i would like to very much with my fends and colleagues, i plan to translate the entes, forms and pictes of yo website into chinese and set up【www.huzhidao.com】 a chinese version of the book. i beli that we will pvide chinese readers with a way to appreciate and appreciate yo wisdom and achiments: i pmise that all articles will be used only for public welfare, not for the forwarders themselves. anyone who wants to read can visit the website for free.

copyght will be respected and ptected, articles will not be tampered with, we learned fm tolkien, n a all potato can make a great contbution, i hope i can work with my excellent team to complete this great task, to pvide information for tolkien fans, please consider my application, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate, sincerely contact me.


申请信1200字英文 篇四

















——员工辞职申请信 (菁选5篇)

英语申请信范文字 篇五

dear mr. smith,

i am indeed very sorry that i missed the examination on international business english writing you gave last friday. i feel awful about it and want you to know what happened that day.

i suddenly fell sick early that morning and my parents had to send me to the hospital. please find enclosed a copy of the medical bill.

i sincerely hope you can understand my situation and accept my apology. i would appreciate your allowing me to take a make-up examination. i will come to your office during your office hour on monday to discuss this possibility with you.

once again, i apologize for any inconvenience caused.

sincerely yours,

英语申请信范文字 篇六

dear pat,

my name is huang yuanjun. i’m 10 years old. i have a fish. she’s beautiful. she can swim quickly. i really love her. i have lots of hobbies. i like playing chess. i like fishing and shopping. i like listening to music, too. i think they’re fun. i don’t like drawing or painting. i’m not good at these things. they’re boring, i think. but my sister likes drawing and painting very much. she’s 14. she’s clever. how about you? what are your hobbies? what do you do in your spare time?

please write to me soon.

love from

huang yuanjun

95 18086